Thursday, January 27, 2011

date night

Check out our first date night of 2011 :)

During the Snowpocalypse (see previous post), I saw an offer on either twitter or facebook about 2 for 1 tickets to Peter Pan. We jumped on the chance and got 2 tickets for $50. Not bad! Ryan had a gift card to Ruth's Chris which was within walking distance to the theatre tent, and I had free parking because of my employer. If you can't tell, this year we are really trying to save!

The performance was truly amazing. The entire canopy of the tent transformed into a 360 degree screen where they projected images for each scene. My favorite part (and probably everyone in the tent if I heard all the gasping correctly) was when Peter Pan and the Darling children fly out of the nursery all over England. Not only did you see England zooming by right over your head, but the actors actually interacted with some of the monuments flying by, which was both wonderful and hilarious. The performance also had some very poignant moments, and I being the emotional girl that I am, totally teared up! It's been years since I've seen any Peter Pan movie, and watching it as a "grown-up" really brought the story to another level. I highly recommend seeing it! Another plus is that Ryan was thoroughly entertained and didn't fall asleep :) So, it's good for guys to see!

Look at how much taller I am than Tinkerbell! ;) She was my favorite character - they gave her a lot of spunk and attitude in this version.

It's playing through March 20th so catch it while you can! Think it goes to Chicago next.

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